This site is the hub for all things Brian L Butler Creative. Over the years, I’ve tinkered with images and words in a variety of formats and places. From tourism, concert, architectural, and portrait photography… 

…to video production including commercial television, documentary film, motion graphics, voice overs, and educational classes for business and higher education…

…to decades of dabbling professionally and unprofessionally with the written word, including script writing, blogging, humorous musings and that unfinished novel that’s begging to be completed.  (You’re NOT going to get to see that here:) 

So the point of all of this is while I may have the occasional good idea that causes me to pursue a personal project, that’s not how I spend most of my time. There are a LOT of other folks out there with good ideas. Maybe you’re one of them. I’ve made my living using my particular set of skills to help other people bring their ideas to life, whether it’s selling, promoting, educating, entertaining or likely some combination.

So if you have something in your head that you need to get out and would like to create something together, click this somewhat vain email addy and let’s see what we can do. —>

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