A photo series of Florida panhandle night photography.

Milky Way Over the Pensacola Beach Pier

The night the power went out and it was sooo dark out there.

The Dreaming Tree

Shoreline Park, Gulf Breeze

Lingering Rush

Full moon light over Pensacola Beach

No Trucky Trucky

Beautiful work by @PattySauces on Graffiti Bridge

12th Avenue Trees After Dark

Night version of one of my most popular images

Pensacola Beach Sign 2006

The neon version of the sign in 2006

Pensacola Beach Sign 2020

The LED version of the sign in 2020

Pensacola Beach Skyline

Pensacola Beach from a distance

Star Trails at the Beach Cross

Roughly an hour long exposure at the Pensacola Beach Cross

Comet Neowise Over the Lighthouse

Neowise passing by this Summer

Full Moon Over the Pensacola Beach Pier

Just after sunset on Pensacola Beach

Joe Patti Sign at Night

A Pensacola Institution

The Fish House

Another Pensacola Institution

Milky Way Over the Pensacola Beach Pier – Lights On

With the pier light lit


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