Photography – Event/Real Estate


The core of my photography work can be found at my portfolio site You can order prints, license images and just get a general idea of what it is I like to do with the camera.

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One of my favorite places to be in the world is in a concert photo pit. I’ve been able to be there a good bit in the last few years. Panhandlin’ Music Photography

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Architecture/Real Estate

Hotel, Airbnb, Real Estate, and Commercial photography. I never have wanted to be a nature photographer. There’s beauty in man-made structures and I love capturing how those structures interact with and enhance their surroundings. Panhandlin’ Architecture

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Some places where you can find my work in public. Various publications including National Geographic (Spain’s travel edition but I’m counting it:) Book and album covers, museum walls, postcards. And oh yeah, Jimmy Buffett played in front of a 20 foot tall version of one of my photos. I know, right. Panhandlin’ in Public

Social Media

Most of my social media time is spent on instagram at Beautiful Pensacola and Panhandlin’ Music.

Drone Photography

“Wouldn’t it be cool if you could take a camera, launch it into the sky, and fly around taking pictures?”

“That’s just crazy talk Orville.”

“One day it will happen Wilbur. One day.”

I have my FAA Part 107 Certification so I can buzz around taking photos and shooting videos. It can be challenging on the Gulf Coast because the number of military bases in the area means there is a ton of restricted airspace. But there are still lots of pretty places to grab a birds eye view.

2 thoughts on “Photography – Event/Real Estate

  1. Dax Johnsey says:

    I love it. Plus my mom is friends with you. My mom is Leah Johnsey. I am using your website for something for my work and this is great

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