Social Media / Writing

Beautiful Pensacola

Most of my social media time is spent on instagram at Beautiful Pensacola and Panhandlin’ Music.

On Beautiful Pensacola you’ll find images of the beauty in and around Pensacola, Florida. (That’s good marketing right there:)

On Panhandlin’ Music you’ll find my concert photography from around the panhandle of Florida. Unlike what the name may imply, you will not find busking photos. (That right there is NOT good marketing:)


On Facebook you can find me at Brian L Butler Creative


I’ve spent a great deal of time in the past couple of decades gathering pretty much everything you’d ever want to know about a business or event and putting all of that information including the history, hopes, dreams and aspirations of the business owner or promoter, which can sometimes be several pages of crucial information, all of it essential… and turning into it 30 coherent, persuasive, beautiful seconds of copy. I mean, is it poetry? I’m a humble man. Who am I to say.

I can’t really show the whole process here. It’s something you have to experience to fully appreciate. Just know that if you need some words, I have some. 🙂

Oh. Almost forgot. Voice-overs. If you’re really lucky, you’ll get to hear my surprisingly deep voice reading the copy to your commercial or promotion.

Furious Fireflies

In an alternate universe, I write for a living. Of course in that universe, people pay people for writing the kinds of things I like to write. Since I currently live in this universe where only David Sedaris gets paid for humorous, self deprecating diary entries, you can find the free version of my meanderings at Furious Fireflies.

In the Madness of the Fall

The novel has been sitting for a bit. Waiting. I’ll get back to it. Really, I will. No I’m not being defensive. Here, click this link to take a look at what I have so far.

“In the Madness of the Fall”

You clicked didn’t you? I told you you weren’t going to get to see it but you clicked anyway. (My wife tells me I need to change this section. She’s usually right.) I really do need to dive back into this thing.

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